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Professional Pest Extermination and Control Company in Calgary

Are you in Calgary and would like to have the pest nuisance cleared from your home and/or commercial establishment? Well, look no further. Alberta Pest Control Company does that the best.

We offer expert services, bearing in mind that we have been in the business for longer than we can recall. After getting in touch with us and notifying us of your request, we act fast and fix an inspection date and time. We then determine the kind of services that you need and inform you. 

Our team of pest exterminators and pesticide applicators are legalized to handle their work, meaning there is no cause for alarm from your side.

We boast of having all the necessary local and provincial certifications. We like it when you feel safe with us and nod that we are not a quack company. We actually educate you about all the processes we use to conduct the extermination and pest control job in your home or institution.

We have never had any single complaint from our customers, meaning we are proficient in what we do. The same case applies to the products we use. We have never had issues against us that we are using counterfeit pest extermination products or misusing them.

Our customers’ testimonials say all about us. They can ascertain that all the services we did or we do to them are satisfactory.  

We are known for using eco-friendly products. Contacting even flu after our pest removal and elimination process is quite impossible. That’s attributable to the fact that our pesticides are safe to the environment.


We aim to resolve any pest, bugs, or rodent infestations and take the steps required to prevent future infestations

For reliable, trusted pest removal Services, Alberta Pest Control Company is your choice.

If there are pests troubling you, Alberta Pest Control Company has a perfect and long-term solution. We know how each of the pest, bug, and rodent can have an adverse effect on your property or overall well-being. Therefore, we put in effective measures to manage the whole issue.

We take measures like eliminating all entry points through repairing holed walls and floors. This comes in handy to keep your property safer from more infestations.  

We then go ahead to do away with any still water and store your food properly, which could otherwise be an attractor to the future infestations of the pests. 

What type of pest control and removal services do we provide

Alberta Pest Control services use a plethora of methods in controlling and exterminating all types of pests.

We conduct professional pest extermination and removal services for all types of crawling pests, bugs and rodents. We may opt to use green pesticide sprays, set up pest traps or decide to do entire fumigation. We use these in the cases where you need to have your space fast and would like to kill all those kinds of nuisance.

We also offer pest removal services for the cases where the pests can’t be contained via usage of sprays. We can achieve that by use of baits and traps and relocate the pests.

After conducting our entire exercise, we do bug and pest prevention by mending all entry points into your building.

— Our Vision

We strive to offer the best possible price point to our customers without compromising on pest extermination services.


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