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Alberta Pest Control helps you in protecting your business. Among the foes in a business, pests are among the top list. They do harm, but no good. Let’s take the example of a hotel. What happens when there are roaches in the kitchen and customers detect them? Your guess is right. You incur losses.

We help in protecting your commercial establishment and keeping its name high by doing away with pests. Regardless of how huge your establishment is, we are assured to complete the entire work within our specified time. Our team of professional exterminators knows how to determine the types of pests and using the right rodent, bug or pest elimination method without interfering or causing pollution to the entire place.

We have custom-tailored plans for any type of business. The same case is applicable to each pest menace. We work smart to come up with a solution meant for the entire building.

We eradicate all types of pests like bedbugs and kill their eggs, do away with rodents and making repairs to the walls, floors and any of their entry points, and social wasps which pose a threat to employees and customers.


Are you also struggling with pigeons making your roof their loo? We have modern day bird removal and exclusion techniques to save you from the hassle. 

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Calgary Pest Management for commercial and industrial clients

For efficient and effective pest removal Services, Alberta Pest Control Company is the perfect choice

Alberta Pest Control Company ensures that your firm and industry buildings are in a workable condition. Nothing is more annoying like suffering from viral pandemics caused by bugs or rodents, or even allergies arising from roaches.

We have over the past adopted key measures and techniques in identifying how we can eliminate pests from the establishments, without disrupting the employee or firm activities. We work with the state-of-art equipment to make this dream a reality.

We do a thorough inspection and deal with any pests influencing your operations negatively. We thereafter use stern measures to prevent a later pest attack coming to your business premises.

Do Commercial and Industrial establishments require pest control and removal services?

Absolutely! That’s why we have a strong customer base from commercial premises and industries. Picture this…you have vital customer documents and lock them in a weekend during the weekend. Then, you come back to your place of work and find mice have gnawed the cupboard and shredded those details. That’s annoying, right? There’s the need to have thorough pest control and removal services done by professionals like the Alberta Pest Control.  

The pest and bug control and removal services also help in ensuring that there is maximum employee productivity. You won’t keep on assigning sickness leave to employees following pest-contagious pandemics. The best thing is that once the exercise is done by professionals like us, a permanent solution is gotten.

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We work hard to offer the best quality service to our customers in Calgary and around.


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