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It is easy to mistake squirrels for being safe rodents hovering around your home. Due to the increased human activities like clearing bushes to establish human settlement areas, they may be forced to seek refuge at your home.

They like it more when they settle on your chimneys and can try to find their way through any gap. That could be a hole on your floor, or climbing to the rooftop and looking for a loophole to find themselves in.

Having all holes sealed and all weak structures repaired an act like a squirrel control measure. In the case of let’s say weak roofing timber, these rodents tend to gnaw them and create their entry points to either the attic or chimney, especially during the winter.

They are annoying following the irritating sounds that they make when moving or mating. As they are more active during the day times, you may need to take caution while staying in the house. They may destroy power insulation cables posing the possibility of a fire outbreak.    

Their droppings and urine cause mild odors, which can give you discomfort all day. These excretory products also cause ugly marks on the walls and ceilings as they are toxic and highly reactive. It is important that you call us, Alberta Pest Control for squirrel removal and control services if you want to get rid of squirrels on your premises.

What do squirrels look like and where are they found?

You may easily identify a squirrel following its bushy tails. Having more than 200 species, this is the most common characteristic among all of them. They are mostly gray in color.

Over all those species, their size and height from the nose to the tip of the tail greatly vary from species to the other. The smallest squirrel type weighs up to 10 grams and grows up to 13 cm, while the largest squirrel type grows up to 1 meter and weighs up to 1.8 kilograms.

In Calgary, you may easily find squirrels in forests – either in trees or in holes. When their activities are interfered with, it’s easy to find them in homes. They may also attract others to your home and live as a territory.

What kinds of problems do squirrels pose?

As the squirrels are part of the rodent family, their incisor teeth never stop growing. That means they gnaw anything that is chewable to ensure that their teeth are in good form. They can mess you up big time when they chew electrical wires.

They can cause serious health-related risks like allergies. If their hair drops off, and you inhale it, the chances of contracting complications like runny nose ae high.

You may also get ill when the parasites carried by the squirrels bite you.

 You may also be forced to incur HVAC equipment repair costs when squirrels decide to build destroy and build their nests on the vent system.

If you decide to do squirrel control on your own, you may cause them to move room to room and cause serious damages to the fragile items like electronics. Be sure to ask for our professional pest control services today to take care of your peace of mind, health, and property from squirrel problems.



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