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The guaranteed way to controlling mice activity in your place is through ensuring that they can’t find an entry into your place.

However, if you find mice inside your home, you can control their destruction, reproduction, and overall activeness by ensuring that they starve from hunger and lack of water. That way, your property becomes a little bit safer from unnecessary destruction. Your health is also at safety.

Here a few ways that can help you in mice control.

Cover food always. Be it leftovers, or stored food, sealing should be a priority. These are chief attractors of mice to a place. Be sure to also close water tins.

Your doors may at some point have a space between them and the floor. You may decide to use brush strips and block any entry points.

You can use galvanized pieces of wire mesh to ensure that your vent system is well-closed. Once mice get their way in these, trying to exterminate them can prove futile.

If there are holes on the outer walls, for instance, the ones paving the way to the water pipes, ensure that they are sealed. The same case applies to any broken water pipe. Mice can maneuver their way quickly through these. 

What do mice look like?

Mice are mostly in gray or light brown color. Their bodies are covered with hair, which is relatively short. When you look at their body structure, you realize that they have lesser hair in the tail and ears as you compare to their other body parts.

They are small in size, whereby mature mice grow to a weight of up to 30 grams. The maximum height from the nose to the tail tip is approximately up to 20 cm. Their tail gives them stability when they are moving.  

Their droppings appear in rod shapes and are elongated on all the sides.  

Where are they found?

Mice in Calgary are found anywhere, provided there are water and food to support their survival. You can easily find them in the grass fields, bushes, and also in buildings.

They keep on reproducing and living in territories. If for instance, the mice have built in your rooftop, you are most likely to hear them moving during the night. Call us for professional rodent control and removal services if you suspect rodent infestation in your homes or commercial establishment.

What are the common problems associated with mice?

Mice contaminate food and water through their droppings. The problem gets even worse when their population overgrows. In fact, the mice can cause food poisoning following their toxic urine.

They cause food destruction when in the stores. In explanation, let’s take an example of food stored in a sack. They gnaw the sack and cause the destruction of the grains when they spill on the floor.

The other serious problem associated with mice is that they are disease carriers to approximately 40 diseases. The first issue on how they spread the diseases to humans is through the ticks and flea that they carry. When these bite humans, they pose a threat to their lives. They also harbor hantavirus diseases.

The best way to outdo these problems is by contacting us to offer professional mice extermination services.



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