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What are Rodents?

Rodents are relatively small mammals that have sharp and long front teeth for gnawing. Their incisor teeth are ever-growing. They comprise the vastest group of the mammalian group.

Their high number is attributable to their fast rate of reproduction. Provided that there is a source of food and water, rodents thrive well. They feed on stored food, pieces of paper, cardboard, et cetera.  

Once they invade your home or firm, the need to take action and engage rodent extermination professionals rises. This is where we come in handy.

We prevent further multiplication of these animals by using tested and guaranteed products to eradicate them from your vicinity.

Why do they need to be removed professionally?

Rodents can have an adverse effect on your health, and property. It is quite in order when you acquire professional extermination services from us – Alberta Pest Control.

The rodents need to be removed professionally so as to eradicate them completely and bar them from returning to your home or commercial establishment.

We are always committed to ensuring that the menace is fully cleared as we are knowledgeable about rodent control measures that work, we excel in mending their pathways and their natural habitats as we carry out a thorough inspection before conducting our rodent removal service, and we use safe products to you, but harmful to the rodents .

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