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Spider infestation at homes is rampant across many homes in Canada. Their webs are a complete nuisance and rip off. It even gets worse since the life span of a spider is more than a year. By the time they die, the female spiders reproduce many eggs that they can go more than 3,500.

Hatching after a maximum of 10 days means that the infestation gets more and wise after every cycle of eggs hatch. If you are wondering how the spiders come into your house, the cracks in your wall, roof, space between the door and the ground, and windows are some of the entry points of spiders. 

If you have a spider problem, contact us for a full spider pest control and preventive measures. We have all the necessary equipment to ensure any place granting entry of spiders into your home is sealed and the present cobwebs, spider eggs, live spiders and their young ones are fully taken care of.

Whether you are in your home or your kids are present, we use safe products to conduct professional pest control, harmless to human beings and the environment at large. Contact us for an effective, yet timely and affordable solution. 

What do spiders look like?

Looking at a spider, you may know them via how the abdomen and cephalothorax are constricted. The abdomen lacks segments and has a cylindrical shape. Depending on the species of the spiders, the size greatly differs. Some may be less than 1 millimeter long, while others can grow to up to 180 millimeters.

Typically, most species have four pairs of eyes. But, it’s not unusual to find some with a pair, two or three pairs of eyes across some spider species. 

They have fangs in their mouth, whose saliva is venomous enough to paralyze their prey. As they lack wings, they walk relatively fast using their four pairs of walking legs.

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What type of problems do spiders cause?

These pests may be a bother to your home especially when they build their webs unnecessarily. They make a place appear ugly and if left to settle for long, it’s easy to influence the resale value of your property especially when they settle on the ceilings and furniture.

 The spider skeletons can also trigger allergies to those prone to allergic complications. When they inhale them they may develop coughing and runny noses, causing them to seek instant medical attention.  

Spider bites cause problems like deteriorating the lives of little kids. They have relatively long fangs which can penetrate into their skins and give those children serious health complications.  

This is rare but it also happens…Some spiders bite adults as well once they feel insecure and trapped. This is in the case of those spiders that won’t build their webs but have a way of finding themselves indoors in search of food.

To eliminate these problems, it’s important to contact us, your local pest control expert.

Can spiders be dangerous?

Spiders mostly bite humans in their quest for self-defense. Most of them produce venom especially when they attack their prey in order to paralyze it for easier eating. When a spider bites someone, their saliva is reactive and may trigger skin allergies. However, there are a minute species of spiders known to pose threats to human life following their venomous bites.



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