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The small size and flat shape give bed bugs the possibility to hide between the bedding and items of furniture. In fact, it may take you lots of time if you don’t give your bedding lots of attention, especially during the day, when they aren’t active.

It goes beyond saying that the signs of bed bugs should push to look for solutions immediately. A huge infestation may be underway, provided you stay in that room and bed bugs can consume your blood.

Once you note that there are visible blood stains on your bedding or furniture, call us immediately from a professional bed bug extermination service. We have the ultimate control measures to attack any kind of bed bug infestation, irrespective of the extent that it has gone.

But you may ask yourself” “I stay in a clean living room and bedroom. Where exactly do the bed bugs come from?” Well, this query troubles many… But this is our take. The common factor for having bed bugs to a place is ferrying them through some luggage.

It happens when for instance you are in a public service vehicle and one or two attach themselves to your bag, or even when you sleep in a hotel that has bed bugs. They can clinch themselves on your luggage and move all the way with you to your home.

If you suspect bedbug infestation, do not hesitate to call us for our professional bedbug extermination and control services in Calgary and around.

Are Bedbugs dangerous?

Bed bugs cause bites to human beings, causing skin reactions which are dangerous. The bites themselves don’t cause any cause for alarm but the reactions need attention. Feeding mostly on human blood, it means that they don’t cause severe diseases to human beings which can actually lead to their death.

The skin reaction starts from itches and causes the formation of some red bumps to those prone to bite allergies. There are also other issues associated with the bites, like shifting attention to take care of the bites, loss of comfort while sleeping and incurring of unplanned bed bug treatment expenses.

Bedbug Extermination Calgary

How can you identify bed bugs?

Early identification of bed bugs is ideal. The issue may get out of hand when the entire infestation gets spread through several bedrooms and/or to your furniture. The most helpful way of identifying bed bugs is via looking for their presence. But how is this achieved?

Well, there are obvious signs that show their presence. Such could include:

Seeing live bed bugs as you tidy your bedding. This is mostly possible when you are a keen observant. At the time of changing the bedding, you can see them moving or clinching on it.

You can also find your bedding soiled with blood probably due to crushing the bedbugs unknowingly.  You can also see somewhat dark black spots, which could be their excrement.

Female bed bugs lay minute eggs. To see them, you may be forced to observe keenly on the walls near the bed. It gets easier to see them when there are many eggs laid. Their exoskeletons can as well help you in identifying bed bugs. They are mostly pale yellow in color.  



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