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There are more than 1250 species of ants, but not all invade homes and cause dangers and problems. When you see some ants on the floor in your home, a call to action is necessary. This is because ants love staying in colonies. The presence of ants works against the favor of the homeowner in any way.

For instance, you may be bitten by an ant and cause you severe health problem as some have poisonous saliva. You also get to lose the visitors’ appreciation of how sanitary your property is. Ants even get worse when they start destroying your property. If their queen lays many eggs and all hatch, counting losses become the talk of your day.

To prevent yourself from meeting such disappointments, our company has your back. We factor in all what is necessary for these pests removal and help in ensuring their future infestations is the talk of the past. If you have noticed an ant, call us immediately for a quick solution. We also don’t worry about the extent of the infestation. We conduct our professional pest control services wholeheartedly and fast.

Upon completion of our incredible work, we offer you the best pieces of advice that can keep you going against these pests.

What do Ants look like

You can identify ants through their tri-body parts and bodily constrictions. Among their three body parts, the waist appears to be the most constricted.

The young ones are often 1 mm in length, while the adults may grow up to 50 mm. All ant species have mouthparts that can bite, and some can sting. Most of the ant species appear in brown color. However, there are some that are black, red or even yellow.

It is key to note that regardless of the thin sizes of ants, they are greatly industrious especially when it comes to looking for food and guarding their habitat. That explains why after invading a piece of furniture they attack it fast to get their source of food and materials for building their nests.

Mostly living in colonies, the ants have different functions. You can distinguish the male ants from the female ants from the fact that the adult female ants are larger than the male ants. That is why the female ants have the responsibility to guard the nest.

Ant Removal and Control

What is the main concern with Ants

The main concern with ants is the destruction they cause to wooden products. As they live in a colony, they bore holes into the wood and use it to make their nests or as their source of food.

Quick action is always necessary if you need to save your home from further destruction especially when you have a carpenter ant infestation.

The only option which you have once you see any occurrence of the ants is calling pest removal professionals immediately. That helps you in ensuring that further property destruction is sorted. Call us immediately and see our quick action to serve you.  



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