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The genuine pest controllers are licensed and insured for the work they do. Their services guarantee you safety in your home following the products used.

Once you see a trace of any pest in your home, that’s the right time to ask for extermination. They reproduce prettily fast. The more they are left, the more they keep on causing property destructions and health risks.

You can ask for professional pest control from us. We work smart such that after eliminating the nuisance, we seal any holes that can serve as entry points for the pests.

Note that pesticides require professional handling.

We do pest control on insects that are most likely to cause health complications to our clients and their property.

Pest inspection from professional exterminators helps you. You may easily confuse the types of pests problems troubling you and end up using ineffective means to carry out the pest control exercise.

The best way is to ensure that you are keenly observant. For instance, when you travel via public means, it is orderly when you check the seat for any traces of bugs. It is also good to ascertain from hotel reviews whether there have been bed bug issues in the past. You can also do check their bedding to ensure you are safe.

Absolutely. we work with both human and environmentally safe products. In fact, we also use them in firms like food manufacturing industries.

Not at all. Alberta Pest Control is very careful in choosing the products used in rendering our Pest extermination services.

Our pest control services cover the entire Calgary and its environs.

You can always reach out to us via our contact form on the website. You may also decide to call us during working hours and see how we can help you. We also give you a prompt to visit our office and see how we can help. Reach out to us today for an unforgettable pest extermination service. 


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