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Skunks mostly appear during the winter season in the search for better survival habitats. In Canada, the black skunks, striped in white are the most prevalent. They like digging holes in the lawn areas. They do this in the search for insects as they are omnivorous.

They may be helpful in one way or the other, yes, but the effects on the negative side outdo the affirmative ones.

Living in dens, they use their long, yet strong and straight claws to do away with barriers like grass and trees which could otherwise bar them from building their places of living. They walk slowly, but that doesn’t give the predators ease in attacking them. They have their own defence mechanism.

Skunk removal from professionals is ideal since it is a daunting task. Battling with an awful smell from their spray is annoying and demotivating especially when you have visitors. They may harbour several diseases or infect you with some if you handle their claws improperly.

We can help you with removing them and enabling you to stay from contact with them. Save your lawn from further holing and stay safe from the odour arising from their spray by asking for our professional removal services.

How can you identify skunk?

Your sense of smell can help you big time in identifying skunk. Here is how…skunks have scent glands which act like the self-defence mechanism. When they encounter a certain danger or harm, they secrete the odour. That way, the attacker is left with no option but letting them go. 

They generally have a black body, but it is white-stripped. The mature skunks grow to the size of the domestic cats. Their body is covered with fur.

Their body size ranges from approximately 200 grams to 4.5 kilograms. Their height from the head to the tip of the tail can go up to 130 cm. it is quite easier to identify them from their droppings. You may find insect indigestible matter on their faeces.  

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Are skunks dangerous and do they cause any problems?

Skunks are dangerous to the life of humans through posing health risks. For example, some are infected with rabies. When human beings or other animals come across their saliva, it is easy for them to be infected from the same. If it happens that a skunk sprays self-defense product to human’s eyes, they may get blind since the spray contains sulphuric acid.

Other problems caused by skunks comprise making holes under lawns. They basically look for food underground and make long holes for hiding the harsh weather conditions of the winter season. If they see that your lawn has some insects that they can feed on, they can also do anything possible like uprooting the grass to capture their prey.

The most uncomfortable problem associated with skunks is their nauseating odor. The smell takes long to disappear after it lands on pets or humans. The solution to counteract these problems is via hiring professional exterminators like us. We ensure that we use effective preventive measures and sort out the issue completely.



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