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Calgary Pigeon Control and Removal Services

In Calgary, it’s quite impossible to go a whole day without seeing pigeons. This is attributable to the fact that the presence of water and food materials for their survival is guaranteed. The lack of pigeon predators across the city means that their population isn’t controlled.  The nuisance gets in when the flocks outgrow in numbers and start posing threats to people’s lives indirectly or leading to the loss of some of their resources.

Correcting the situation is only solvable via hiring a professional pigeon removal company like ours to do the actual work of helping you live harmoniously.

After inspecting and determining the issue at hand matters their infestation, we devise the rightful methods for the pigeon removal.  For instance, where there is nesting and roosting, we use custom tailored products to correct the situation. We do our level best to ensure where there is the possibility of flat nesting, we change the place to a roosting free area.

We are also committed to adjusting other issues like controlling their movements inside your building. This is achievable thorough sealing all the points which the pigeons can use to maneuver their way in. Contact us and witness how unbeatable we are in bird control and removal.

What do pigeons look like and where are they found

It is quite difficult to distinguish between the male and female pigeons, provided they are from the same species. Their legs are short, and heads are relatively small. But when you look at the entire body, they are large.

Depending on their species, their body color varies. But, the characteristics are mostly the same. For instance, the tail feathers are colored and most have a dark-gray color. Their tails are pointed and long, a feature which can help you in distinguishing them from doves.

In Calgary, you may find pigeons in rooftops, stadia, and eaves. It is also possible to find them on grain elevators.

What kinds of problems do pigeons pose?

It is easy to contract diseases following the spread of ectoparasites, and ticks. When these bite you, your body may react negatively and lead you to seek unplanned medical attention.

As pigeons adore staying in groups, they may make you incur a huge loss especially when they contaminate the rooftops of your buildings. The bad impression caused by their feces may lead to the would-be buyer looking for other alternatives.

When pigeons settle in your rooftop, the water collected during the rainy time can cause health risks when consumed. The droppings may also cause water blockage on the gutters, leading you to meet unnecessary expenses like hiring professionals to unblock and replace/repair the damaged items.

The uric acid found in the droppings of pigeons is highly reactive when it comes to steel and aluminum materials. There may be leakages on your roof and arising of other intermediate effects like the destruction of the property inside.

Do you need professional bird control and removal services?

Yes. You desperately need bird control and removal services when they invade you. Bird infestation activities can’t get controlled when they have not yet been inspected and the right solutions determined. This is where we come in.

Our professionalism helps in creating bird removal and control services specifically tailored to the different types of birds and the level of the infestation. At the long run, you get saved from the existing or likely to appear disease threat that is caused by these tick and flea carriers.

You also get to be safe from a future occurrence of the same. That is achieved by sealing their accessory points. We also repair what the birds might have damaged – that’s how professional we are.



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