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Calgary Pest Control and Removal Management Services

Alberta Pest Control is always at the forefront in ensuring that you enjoy the best services matters pest control and management in Calgary. Seeing a happy face across all our customers drives us. Our team of experienced eliminators starts off the entire process by doing thorough research on the insects on the ground and devising the rightful techniques needed in achieving the ultimate goal. 

Alberta Pest Control Company has extermination services against rodents, birds and pests like Ant, Bed Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches, Moths, Sow Bugs, Mice, Social Wasps, and pigeons. If any of these are a nuisance to your peace of mind at home, rest assured we have your back.

Do you feel that your budget is keeping you at stake? Well, all our services are affordable. The severity of the infestation in your building is a major determinant of the price that you will incur.

We also clear the air to you about the needful ways of keeping yourself safe from the pest menace after we serve you. That way, we save you the hassle of sorting out the same mess day in, day out. Alberta Pest Control is your ultimate partner in helping you to safeguard yourself and those around you from health risks triggered by pests.


— Insect Control

If you have an insect problem in Calgary, we are the perfect choice for insect extermination services.

— Rodent Removal

Rodents such as mice can be a nuisance. Call Alberta Pest Control for Rodent Control services.

— Bird Control

Pigeon or any other bird droppings can cause illnesses and allergies. Contact us for effective bird control services.

— Commercial Pest Management

Commercial Pest control and extermination Services require attention to details and efficiency which Alberta Pest Control can offer. Contact us today for more details.

— Residential Pest Extermination

For all residential pest removal and control needs, our team of exterminators are well equipped to deal with any situation in an effective and efficient manner.

Pest Free Family Calgary

Pest Free Family in Calgary

Residential and Commercial Pest extermination and control services

Nothing beats staying and working in a neat place. You desperately need professional pest extermination and control services in the case of an infestation. That is only achievable once you approach us to work on your home or firm.

Our team of professionals is conversant with the hideouts of the pests and work fast and smart in eradicating them. We love it when all your activities at home and project run stealthily and are committed to giving you the best services. 

After conducting extermination services, we ensure that we combat the recurrence of ant, bed bugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, moths, sow bugs, mice, social wasps, and pigeons by creating a barrier between them and any place that they can make another habitat.

Not only do we specialize in residential pest control and removal, we have developed a name for our company as a specialist in Commercial and industrial Pest management solutions. We are a professional pest extermination company with the best record in the local industry.

Professional Pest Control Company that excels

Alberta Pest Control Company is unbeatable. Here is how…Once you call us, we excel in delivering service-wise and within the stipulated time.

We give all our customers the top priority by maintaining consistency from how well we serve customer A to how well we do to customer B.

As part of our excellence, we also ensure that we keep on improving our pest extermination services every single day. We come up with timely adjustments to remain at par always. The unforgettable services accorded to each customer of ours permeate our success.

Creativity in the modern-day pest elimination defines us. You can’t go wrong in any way after ordering our pest control and removal services.

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